Why You Can’t Get Organized

Mar 21, 2019

Why you can’t get organized…

What if it has nothing to do with your stuff and everything to do with your thinking?

What if you feel overwhelmed because of how you think about your things, not because of your things?

What if you knew how to manage your mind so you could manage your stuff?

Your stuff is neutral. What you think about your stuff makes you feel overwhelmed by it.

Let’s talk about how to change your thinking about getting organized.

Organize your thoughts:

In case you don’t know much about me yet, here’s something you should know. I’m obsessed with Brooke Castillo’s Self-Coaching Model. Here’s what it is:

Circumstances > Thoughts > Feelings > Actions > Results

Your circumstances are neutral. You have thoughts about your circumstances. Your thoughts create your feelings. You take action from your feelings. And you get the results in your life.

Let’s use an example here:

Circumstances: Your stuff. Your house.

Thought: “I have too much stuff.”

Feeling: Overwhelmed

Action: Start organizing, but quit soon after. OR don’t start at all.

Result: No progress.

Now, you may be wondering why this matters. Here’s why:

Every single thing you do comes back to your thoughts. This is revolutionary. Once you begin to notice what’s happening in your mind, it will change every action step you take moving forward. Your thoughts will determine your feelings and those feelings will propel your actions.

How to begin:

Begin to notice your thoughts. Pay attention to the things you tell yourself. Do you constantly say…

“I’m so frazzled.”

“I’m always late.”

“I can never find my keys.”

“I wish I could get it together.”

“My house is such a mess.”

“I have too much stuff.”

And when you think those thoughts, how do you feel? I can guarantee that you consistently feel overwhelmed and not motivated to get going because of those very thoughts.

Organize your things:

Now that you’re aware of your thinking, you can start focusing on the stuff.

Action Steps:

  1. Brain Dump
  2. Sort out categories.
  3. Pick one area to start with.
  4. Start with the easier areas to get rid of.

Step 1: Brain Dump

What does this mean? Get out a piece of paper. Write down every single thing in your mind. Every area that stresses you out. Everything you want organized – clothes, photos, paperwork, junk drawer, pantry, refrigerator, spare bedroom, attic, basement, shed, etc.

Step 2: Sort out categories.

Write down every category. Then create categories within the category. Example: KITCHEN

Categories: cabinets, pantry, fridge, freezer, dishes, cups, junk drawer, utensils

Step 3: Pick ONE area to start with.

Ask yourself what area stresses you out the most? Gut reaction. The first area that comes to mind. What is it? Start there. Once that area is done, you’ll feel a weight lifted and other areas will become easier. Trust me. That momentum will excite you and you’ll realize you’re capable so you’ll keep going.

Step 4: START.

Here’s where you’ll begin to think thoughts about how you don’t want to, you have other things to do, and you’ll talk yourself out of getting started. Let’s back up. Think about how you want to feel when it’s done. Visualize the room clean. Imagine yourself in a tidy home. Now, go for it.

Ready to change your thoughts, organize your home, and change your life?

Let’s do this thing, lady! I offer 1:1 coaching to help you get there. Book your clarity call if you’re ready. If you’re not quite yet, but you want more tips from me, sign up for my email list.



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