How to Believe Ahead of Time

Jul 24, 2019

How to believe ahead of time:

You know that feeling when you have a vacation planned and you can imagine yourself sitting on a beach reading a book, listening to the waves, and soaking up the sun?

Because you’re so excited, you get a pedicure to make sure your toes look cute in the sand and you buy the perfect swimsuit and a new pair of sandals.

After that, you start researching things to do and looking up restaurants in the area.

You believe that in a few days or weeks you’ll be at the beach and you are so thrilled just thinking about it that you start taking action from that place.

THAT is believing ahead of time.

BEFORE you reach the goal, lose the weight, organize the home, start the business, pay off the debt, stop people-pleasing.

Then, from that place, you’ll reach your goals because you’ve already imagined yourself there, believed your way to it, and will have taken the action to make it happen.

how to believe in yourself and your dreams before they happen

How to believe ahead of time:

Let me break it down into a few simple steps:

Recognize what you’re believing right now.

Are you believing that the goal is impossible? That it will never happen? That you can’t be the kind of person that says no? That other people have organized homes but that’s impossible for you? That healthy eating isn’t easy for you?

What do you WANT to believe about yourself?

That you are someone that follows through? That you always keep promises to yourself? If you were the person that already lost the weight, honored the boundaries, organized your home, how would you behave THEN?

What would you do if you did believe right now?

What actions would you take? How would you structure your life differently? What would you think about yourself? How would you spend your money? Your time?

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