How to do a Digital Detox – A Step-by-Step Guide

Nov 15, 2018


Do you feel a little anxious when you swipe to open your phone and see all of the red bubbles on the apps? All of those messages, notifications, emails, and things to catch up on. Are you totally overwhelmed by your email inbox? Do you feel disorganized when you see all of the files strewn across your computer desktop? Well, one way to help you feel less overwhelmed and stressed is to do a digital detox. So, today we’ll dive into the steps you need to take to detox your digital life. Because let’s be honest, most of our life is digital these days and it can cause us additional unneeded stress.

I have three steps to get you there. Let’s dive in.

1. Organize the apps on your phone.

This seems too easy, right? However, simply cleaning up that screen will make you feel less stressed when you swipe to open your phone. Here’s how:

– Look through all of those apps and decide what you use and what you downloaded forever ago and still have on there but never open.

Do you really need it? If not, delete. If so, categorize.

Here are the categories I have:

tools (for all of those apps that come with the phone that you rarely use, as well as maps and weather)
money (online banking, calculator, square, budgeting apps)
health (calm meditation app, fitbit, the health app)
listen (podcasts, music)
work (email, calendar, evernote, trello)
Jesus (my church’s app, devotion apps)
photo (all editing apps for photos and videos)
social (instagram, facebook, pinterest)

This not only organizes everything, but it makes opening your phone a much better experience and you don’t have to swipe through 5 pages to find that one app you needed.

And one more tip here! If you are addicted to social media (my hand is sheepishly raising over here), I have a suggestion. Put those social media apps in the back of a folder or on a screen that you have to swipe over to. Whatever app you click on the most and mindlessly scroll through – hide it from yourself or make it more difficult to get to.

2. Clean up your email inbox.

Y’all. The disorganization in email inboxes stresses this lady out. I mean. How can you find anything or know what emails need to be answered when it’s so cluttered? Let’s get this cleaned up.

– Unsubscribe. Yes, please. Except from me, of course. 🙂
We all receive so many emails and how many do we have time to read? Very few. Let go of all of those ones you don’t need. I know what you’re thinking, “but what if they send me a deal?” Be honest, you likely would’ve missed the deadline because you had too many emails to even see that one.

– Here’s how you do that. Type in the name of the company. I’ll use World Market as an example. Love them, but stick with me. Type it in, click the first email, scroll down to the bottom, click unsubscribe. Go back to all of those emails, select all, delete. Now do that for every other company you receive too many emails from or haven’t been into in awhile.

– Next, label every email. Create labels such as home, receipts, learn, travel, helpful tips, business tips, events. Whatever your emails need to be categorized by to make it work for you and start moving emails over to those categories.

– Archive. They will still exist, but they won’t stare you in the face in your inbox.

3. Clean up that desktop, lady!

I see you with a zillion photos, screenshots, and folders all over your computer desktop. Get it organized. Spend an hour or two going through it all and putting everything into folders.

Organize it by category: personal, home, receipts, family photos, business headshots, branding info, important documents, money.

I know that was a lot. And I know that this may take time. That’s okay. Do a little each day. Set a timer for 20 minutes and knock out one of these categories. You’ll find that you will be feeling less stressed and you’ll be one step closer to digital organization.



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