My Five Favorite Personal Development Podcasts

Nov 7, 2018


Confession: I’m addicted to podcasts. Yes, addicted. I listen to them while I’m driving, cooking, getting ready for the day, working, folding laundry, cleaning the house, and any other opportunity I can find. I make my husband listen to them and I am always telling my friends about them. So today, I’m telling you. I believe there is so much wisdom out there to tap into and y’all, they are free. FREE. So much knowledge fo’ free.

Here are my current favorite personal development podcasts, and I think you’ll love them too.

1. The Life Coach School Podcast

Brooke Castillo is one of my favorite life coaches out there. She has incredible, tangible things to share and she speaks truth. Her episodes are short and digestible so they are great for when you may be short on time and needing something quick. My advice? Start at the beginning. It will make the most sense if you go about it that way.

2. Rise and Rise Together

Snuck two in that one. Rachel and Dave Hollis are on fire right now, and for good reason. Rise is Rachel’s podcast where she talks business, motivation, and she interviews other incredible business owners doing amazing things. Rise Together is a podcast with Rachel and Dave where they talk all things relationships, including good and bad habits, scheduling your life to make it manageable, and even intimacy.

3. The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes has been inspiring me for a while and his interviews are so good. He pulls such wisdom out of people and gives them the platform to talk openly and honestly about their struggles, how far they’ve come, and how they are making a difference now.

4. Nobody Talks About This

Elise and Scott Grice are living the dream, in my opinion, and the way they talk super honestly about topics such as money, debt, relationships, working together, mistakes, failure, and mental health makes me love them even more. The episodes are long, but they are packed full of real life truth that will have you feeling like someone gets it and you’re not alone.

5. Ed Mylett Show

I’ve recently discovered Ed and man, his podcast is SO GOOD. He interviews everyone from athletes to personal development people and they all make you want to be better. I also love that he incorporates his faith. He makes you want to go out and crush your dreams.

While there are many more, we’ll stick with those five for now because that will give you a great start. If you’re a podcast junkie too, let me know your favorites in the comments below.



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