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+ A room all to yourself.
+ All meals and beverages included.
+ Transportation to and from the hotel and the airport.
+ A spa voucher for one service.
+ A small group of like-minded women that you’ll stay connected to after this.
Workshops led by Kristen where you’ll learn the tools to manage that mind of yours that tells you you don’t deserve to take care of you first. 
+ Plenty of time to relax by the pool with a good book.
Yoga classes.
+ An excursion together to the Mayan Ruins of Tulum, the cenotes, and snorkeling at Yal-Ku on our final day.

What you get...

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+ You are exhausted and need the opportunity to get away and regroup.
+ You can't think of the last time you did something for you.
+ When you take care of yourself, you feel guilty.
+ You don't believe you deserve to spend the time on yourself. You think it's best to keep giving to others.
+ You are overwhelmed by all of life's demands.
+ You want to learn how to prioritize yourself.
+ You want to get back to who you once were before you gave everything away to everyone else.

This is for you if...

Wouldn't it be nice to step away from reality and only have to worry about yourself for a few days? To not have to think about what everyone else needs?

Right now it's hard to imagine what that could even look like because you've spent so many years prioritizing everyone else's needs. You can't remember the last time you did something for yourself without feeling guilty about it, can you?

join me in mexico in october for my get back to you retreat!


Helping people pleasing women prioritize themselves.