Why I Coach Midlife Women When I’m Not Even 30

Jan 23, 2019

You may wonder why I talk about coaching midlife women, and when you see photos of me online you likely think to yourself, “Girl, you ain’t old enough to be my coach. I could be your mother.” and you would be right. BUT, that’s exactly why I’m perfect for this role. Let me explain.

Here’s what I offer:

I give you the perspective from your kids that they may be too afraid to tell you. You don’t realize how you not taking care of yourself is affecting not only you but also the people around you. So I am going to say the hard truth that you may not want to hear. Of course, all done in love.

My Inspiration:

In 2013 I was going through a yoga teacher training and we were talking about the one person we want to help. My muse, my inspiration, and the one person I want to serve most is my mom. I’ve learned that, and maybe this is a generalization, the Baby Boomer and Generation X generations were taught that the role as a woman is in the home, as a mom, being a great wife, and serving, giving and putting yourself last.

Now, before we go on, there is nothing wrong with any of these roles and absolutely nothing wrong with serving people and giving to others. In fact, I think doing all of these things is incredible and noble. AND being a mom is for sure the hardest job ever. I’m not a mom. I’m the oldest sibling of five kids, I babysat every kid at church, and my mom had a daycare – she kept infants to three-year-olds. So, yeah, I get it. Raising kids is the hardest job. It takes everything out of you and then some.

Most likely…

You believe that you’re “supposed to” give to everyone else and not focus on yourself. Maybe you’re feeling bitter because of how much you’ve done and how much of your life you’ve given to others. You think you don’t have time for yourself. Maybe you can’t even fathom saying no. Maybe you struggle with where to begin on taking better care of yourself. Wherever you are, you arrived here and it’s for good reason.

And that’s why I’m here.

I’m here to remind you that you are worth it. I decided to coach midlife women because you need to hear that it’s okay to prioritize yourself. It’s okay to figure out your purpose outside of being a wife, mom, and everything else to everyone else. It’s not selfish and in fact, you’ll be better for yourself and others when you put yourself first. I’m not saying you go on strike, let the laundry overflow, the dishes pile up, neglect your kids, and max out your credit card at a spa. No need to be that dramatic. But, I definitely want you to start by shifting your mindset around what it means to take care of yourself.

When we work together you will…

Say no more often. Have clarity on what you should say no to. Have a new mindset around your marriage. You’ll have confidence. The skills to manage your mind. You’ll be the healthiest version of yourself. Discovered or rediscovered your passions. Accomplished goals you’ve put off for years. You’ll know yourself deeply and how to ask for what you want.

I know I’m not your age, but I’ve been where you are in this area. I’m a people pleaser to a fault and I have learned (the hard way) how to prioritize myself, say no, and not live life in a constant state of overwhelm. I can help you get there. You can book a totally free clarity call with me and we can talk about all of this and more so you can get to your own version of freedom. Click here to book yours and let’s do this, lady.



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