Why You Aren’t Investing in Yourself

Jun 5, 2019

Why you aren’t investing in yourself.

I have a feeling that if you’re reading these words, you want to be the very best version of yourself. You want to manage your mind and know how to handle tough situations. You want to feel your emotions and be able to let life happen and not be so affected by it. You want your marriage to be better, your home to be more organized, and your life to be intentional.

But you keep making excuses.

You say you don’t have time or you can’t afford it. The truth is, you don’t believe in yourself enough to invest in yourself.

That sounded harsh. Well, sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes it takes words that cut a little deep to make you see clearly that changes need to be made.

Why you aren’t investing in yourself.

It has nothing to do with the money or the time. It has everything to do with what you think about yourself. You’re either comfortable staying where you are or you don’t believe you have what it takes to be better.

But what if you did believe that? What if you stepped into the possibility that your life could be better?

  • You could make more money.
  • You could have a better marriage.
  • You could believe that you’re good enough.
  • You could stop thinking that everything bad happens to you.
  • You could take steps to have the intentional life you desire.
  • You could have an organized home.
  • You could have genuine friendships.
  • You could handle difficult people.
  • You could say “no” more.
  • You could have clear boundaries.

ALL of that is possible with coaching. ALL of that is possible when you choose to invest in yourself.

why money and time are not the reasons you aren't investing in yourself

Let’s break down your two biggest excuses: money and time.


  • What do you actually spend your money on?
  • Where does it go?
  • Do you know?
  • What if you gave up cable for a few months and hired a coach instead?
  • What if you stopped shopping for clothes for six months and chose to invest in yourself instead?

Here’s the crazy thing: those things won’t make you a better version of yourself. They’ll make you happy for a moment, but not long-term.


  • How do you use your time each day?
  • Do you spend hours on social media?
  • Do you watch two hours of television each night?
  • Do you say “yes” too often and give your time away to everyone else?
  • Are you committed to way too many things?

I know life is full. There are a lot of things that take up your time. But how many do you let do that when you know you could spend that time on you? You have an hour a week to get on a coaching call. And you have at least 30 minutes a day to work on your goals. Track your time for one day, you’ll find the time.


  • How often do you tell yourself how awesome you are?
  • Do you spend most mornings criticizing yourself in the mirror as you’re getting ready?
  • Do you think about how you wish you had this, did that, or looked that way?
  • What if you could believe in yourself 100%?
  • What if you believed in yourself so much that it made your marriage better?
  • What if you could see yourself exactly as you are and love yourself completely?
  • What if coaching could help you get there and with an investment in yourself, you could become that woman with unshakeable belief?

Your life is yours. You get one. You can waste it away thinking that nothing works out for you, that life is hard, that you don’t have time, and that everyone else has it better than you. Or you can change it.

The last thing I’ll say is this: there’s a lot of free stuff out there. There are podcasts, books, webinars, and free downloads. And you can get a lot of good info that way. BUT, working with someone 1:1 who will sort through all of your mind drama and help you move past it is worth investing in. You can figure it out on your own or you can skyrocket your growth and get help. You decide.

Book your clarity call and let’s get you started.



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